Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello, we are

Our company professionally design the costume for the movie and TV series. 

We have long time of experience from our back ground, and now we are expending our business in to the cosplay costume and props. 

The price we suggest you is really reasonable. 

Get the costume in really high quality that you never tried. will be always take care about your costume and props. 

We are always free with the custom order. Ask for quote.  

Description of the costume. 

This work is the Hunter Hunter cleaner.

Care of the representations have been won and detail.

Possible to separate the rod portion and a cleaner inlet, hose, all move to no longer have the inconvenience.

Wheels can not be cleaned rolling thing.

By our knowledge from the over 13 years of producing a costume and props for the Multi Media area, 

we have confidence that we produced our costume as similar as to the original design. 

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